“It was such a relief when I made the decision to get help –it felt as though I had some control over my life back”

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Regain control and find your way forward Finding life difficult and not sure how to cope?

Wellbeing Courses

Physical Activity and Relaxation

A one off workshop that investigates the relationship between physical activity and emotional wellbeing through challenging the cycle of lethargy and working towards overcoming barriers to physical health. We look at changes that can be made to our everyday lives to increase our activity levels with a further emphasis on breathing exercises and meditation, walking mindfully and progressive muscular relaxation!

IAPT Courses

Sessions are at least 1 hour long, giving you an increased therapy experience and more time with your therapist compared to individual guided self-help sessions.

You have a chance to learn from others who attend the course, as well as have the benefits of mutual support, encouragement and exchange of ideas.

Living Well

This course looks at managing low mood in relation to having a long term physical health condition. The course supports you in setting goals to do enjoyable activities in the context of physical limitations, regulating sleep habits, engaging with relaxation techniques, noticing and managing negative thinking patterns and planning for the future.

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List of Courses

Managing Change

A three part workshop aimed at discovering how we as individuals respond to and initiate change within our own lives. We will look at developing the tools needed to plan for change and cope with unexpected change as well as how to positively implement and maintain changes in our own lives. The workshop investigates both unhelpful and helpful coping strategies with a focus on understanding our own road blocks and avoidance behaviours in order to fully embrace change!

Self Confidence and Assertiveness

A two part workshop aimed at empowering individuals to increase their understanding of self-confidence with an emphasis on challenging the unhelpful beliefs we have created about ourselves and our self-worth. We will look at quick tips on overcoming barriers to confidence and how setting goals for developing confidence and assertion can really make a difference!


Reaching Your Potential

A two part workshops that aims to increase our understanding of our own selves and our belief systems by focusing on developing positive thinking and healthy mind sets. We look to challenge unhelpful habits with an emphasis on overcoming the fears that prevent you for reaching your full potential!

Maintaining Your Wellbeing as a Parent-Carer

A two part workshop that focuses on increasing your understanding of support services for young people and caring for yourself and your own wellbeing. We explore the foundations of counselling and support groups and how these work whilst providing guidance on problem solving within your caring role and effective communication as a parent-carer.

Enjoying your retirement

A two part workshop aimed at exploring and understanding common concerns and new challenges amongst the recently retired. We aim to nurture the skills within you to adapt to retirement whilst keeping healthy and active. With a particular focus on support available within the community to maintain your wellbeing we will also investigate pension planning, changes to state pension and pension credit. Are you getting everything you are entitled too?


Overcoming Anger and Irritability

A two part workshop with a particular focus on understanding the development of anger within ourselves and how we can adopt strategies to manage our anger and irritation in everyday life. We explore a range of responses to irritation, the function of anger and social attitudes towards this. It is important to recognise that each individual has their own triggers for anger and irritation; we investigate methods of identifying your own triggers and how to manage them.

Using CBT To Change Your Life

This course looks at managing low mood due to unemployment and is aimed at helping clients who are looking for work. It teaches strategies to help with problem solving helping manage negative thoughts and can help guide you in planning your future.

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Self Confidence Workshops

This course looks at managing low mood due to unemployment and is aimed at helping clients who are looking for work. It teaches strategies to help with problem solving helping manage negative thoughts and can help guide you in planning your future.

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Mood Management

This course looks at breaking down the symptoms of low mood or depression and helps us understand the links between how we feel, think and behave. We teach strategies to help you learn how to manage your mood, to solve problems and to set helpful goals.

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Panic and Phobia

This course looks at what panic attacks and phobias are, and helps us understand how our thoughts and actions can affect how anxious we feel. It also teaches strategies to help manage feelings of panic or anxiety, such as breathing exercises, relaxation, and how to challenge panicky thoughts.

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Overcoming Worry

This course aims to help us understand why we worry and what makes it difficult to stop worrying. It looks at different types of worry and teaches strategies to manage anxiety and reduce worrying, such as distraction, relaxation, and problem-solving. Goal setting and homework activities are a key aspect of this course.

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