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“It was such a relief when I made the decision to get help –it felt as though I had some control over my life back”

List of Courses

Stress Management

Stress is a very common problem that can impact our daily life, health and wellbeing. Stress Control is a five week evening course that aims to help you better understand stress as well as learn strategies to become your own therapist in tackling your difficulties.

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Overcoming Worry

This course aims to help us understand why we worry and what makes it difficult to stop worrying. It examines different types of worry and the therapist gives you strategies to manage anxiety and reduce worrying, such as distraction, relaxation, and problem-solving.

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Mood Management

This course looks at breaking down the symptoms of low mood or depression and helps us understand the links between how we feel, think and behave. We teach strategies to help you learn how to manage your mood, to solve problems and to set helpful goals.

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Living Well (LTC)

This course looks at managing low mood in relation to having a long term physical health condition. The course supports you in setting goals to do enjoyable activities in the context of physical limitations, regulating sleep habits, engaging with relaxation techniques, noticing and managing negative thinking patterns and planning for the future.

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Panic and Phobias

This course looks at what panic attacks and phobias are, and helps us understand how our thoughts and actions can affect how anxious we feel. It also teaches strategies to help manage feelings of panic or anxiety, such as breathing exercises, relaxation, and how to challenge panicky thoughts.

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Advanced CBT Courses

Clients who have successfully completed a foundational course of CBT will be offered an advanced CBT course if required. The advanced CBT course can help them to develop more advanced skills and strategies for managing your depression and anxiety, thereby building on the foundational skills that you have already learned during your initial treatment. Each course comprises of 7-10 clients who are offered six two-hour sessions over eight consecutive weeks.

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