“It was such a relief when I made the decision to get help –it felt as though I had some control over my life back”

Receiving an Assessment

Assessments, lasting approximately 45 minutes, will be carried out in person or by telephone by a team member from Merton Uplift. They will ask questions about your current issues, prior involvement with mental health services, treatment choice preferences and any access requirements (language, physical disability or appointment time restrictions). Assessments will be extended if you have recurring mental health problems or complex needs including LTCs. 

During the assessment you will agree the treatment approach and a collaborative care/support plan, and be booked in.  You may have to wait a few weeks before starting your treatment. If so, you will be offered access to wellbeing seminars, online support, signposted to community organisations or recommended self-help books. Wellbeing seminars last two hours each in local venues with up to 15 people attending. Community organisations may support the seminars to enable you to find out more about them.

  • Within two days of your referral being made you will be contacted to ensure an assessment is booked, usually within 15 days.
  • Your assessment will take place either via the telephone or face to face at a Merton Uplift location.


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  • Recovery College
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