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“Developing and maintaining good wellbeing helps us to deal with the opportunities and challenges that come our way”

What is the Wellbeing Service for Merton?

Wellbeing support helps people to connect and access activities and resources to meet their physical, social and emotional needs. Our team are experienced in supporting people with their Wellbeing, either professionally or through lived experience.

We aim to support you to cope in the present and be able to help yourself in the future. This maybe through building on your existing strengths, developing new skills or social relationships.

Ways in which we can help:

The Wellbeing support and advice we offer is designed to support your health and wellbeing in a number of ways:

  • Achieving a life that balances the things you want to do and how you want to achieve them
  • Accessing activities that help to keep you both physically and emotionally well
  • Participating in community activities that you are interested in
  • Learning to relax and cope with the stresses in your life
  • Achieving healthier lifestyles: such as eating or sleeping well
  • Developing your confidence to do the things you wish to do
  • Enhancing social, spiritual or financial health i.e. Managing your budget

What can you expect:

Our aim is always to focus on you and tailor support to your individual needs.

Initially, we will have a conversation with you to help us better understand and work out how to move forwards together. This could include:

  • Accessing a range of wellbeing focused workshops e.g. managing stress, managing sleep, shaping your future, dealing with worries
  • Learning techniques and strategies to improve your wellbeing
  • Information about wellbeing & what may be available to help you
  • Accessing any health support services that might help you
  • Learning techniques to improve your emotional health

How to
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Workshop Information

Self - Confidence and Assertiveness Workshop

This workshop aims to provide you with strategies and skills to help build or rebuild your confidence and assertiveness skills and give you an enhanced self-image. We start from an understanding of why situations affect our confidence and also look at barriers that we feel block us from being confident. We will explore and challenge negative and unhelpful thinking patterns around confidence and assertiveness and explore various communication styles that develop effective assertiveness skills. We will also look at achievable goals for developing confidence and assertiveness.

Self-Care and Relaxation

Our Self-Care and Relaxation workshop will focus on areas of how to combat stress and other pressures of life and develop our self-care skills. We will explore the 5 areas of self-care and their benefits for the individual which include: physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual. We will scrutinise myths around self-care and relaxation and examine how everybody can benefit from it. We lastly look at some practical methods for self-care and relaxation which include: breathing techniques, Mindfulness amongst others.

Managing Anger and Irritability

What we go through in the workshop is an understanding of what anger is and how it develops. We examine the various triggers of anger in an individual and discuss the function of anger historically and how society views anger. We will also go over methods in the workshop of how you can identify your own anger triggers both physically and psychologically. We explore different communication styles and will look at how communication and individual rights are linked. Lastly, we go through various short-term and long-term strategies and techniques to help manage our anger and irritability triggers in everyday life and on ways to self-soothe and reduce one’s own stress.

Coping With Stress

Our coping with stress workshop aims to give you a holistic understanding of stress and will share tips and techniques to help you reduce stress. The workshop will look at how stress affects you physically, as well as psychologically. In the workshop, there will be emphasis on coping strategies; with helpful and unhelpful coping strategies receiving particular attention. We will also help you to start developing new tools needed to cope with both expected and unexpected stress. Our aim in the workshop is replacing negative coping strategies with positive ones and for you to learn new practical strategies to cope with stress.  

Maintaining Your Wellbeing

In the Maintaining your wellbeing workshop we explore the main areas that people feel affect their wellbeing; Expectations, Guilt, Anger and Stress. We will identify various aspects of wellbeing and the link between wellbeing and health. We will discuss the importance of self-care and self-compassion as a part of your wellbeing and will acknowledge the importance of an holistic approach to health. Lastly, we aim to provide strategies, resources and tips to help increase and maintain your wellbeing. Please note: this workshop is a combination workshop which contains elements of topics covered more deeply in other workshops such as the: Self-care and relaxation workshop, managing anger and irritability and coping with stress.

Reaching Your Potential                                                          

In our reaching your potential workshop we will be looking to equip you with tools to help with overcoming barriers in your life in order to reach your potential. We first look at defining potential and how it is made up of 4 components which are Self-Awareness, Self-Acceptance, Self-Compassion, and Self-confidence. The workshop also explores positive psychology and the role motivation plays in reaching our potential and how we can increase this motivation. Please note: some content in our reaching your potential workshop will contain topics covered in the workshops of Self-Confidence and Assertiveness and Self-Care and Relaxation.

Booking for Workshops

A place on one of the workshops can be booked via eventbrite. Click here to book a space.


Workshop Locations

Our Workshops last between 2-4 hours and are based in various locations within the borough of Merton:

Colliers Wood Library, 105 -109 High Street. SW19 2HR

Emily Villa, 67 Clarendon Road Colliers Wood, SW19 2DX

The Chaucer Centre, Canterbury Road, Morden, SM4 6PX

Holy Trinity Church, 234 The Broadway Wimbledon, SW19 1SB

We aim to add further locations within the borough in the future. We hope that you will join us for one of our workshops and allow us to assist you in reaching your wellbeing goals.

We aim to make our wellbeing support as accessible as possible by delivering some of our interventions in community locations.

If you would like us to meet you or a group of people in your community we can:

  • Come and talk about the service
  • Identify ways we can help you
  • Provide drop-in surgeries for 1:1 support
  • Provide workshops around wellbeing


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  • Imagine Independence
  • Sutton Age UK
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